FIRST STEAMworks was a competition that challenged teams to build robots that could score gears on pegs, shoot "fuel" balls into high goals and to climb ropes aboard the alliance's "airship" at the end of the match.

Throughout build and competition season, our robot gained the capability to complete all of the game tasks. Through a flywheel high-goal shooter we quickly became one of the best fuel scoring robots at the competition. Through the use of a passive gear mechanism, we were an effective gear scorer and a key part of any alliance. Our climber was never fully functional, but sure provided a joy to the crowd to see our multiple attempts.

After twelve qualification matches, SWC Robotics ranked 17th of the 27 teams present. We were picked as a partner of FRC Teams 1075, the Sinclair Sprockets and 5406, Celt-X in the number three alliance. At the competiton, SWC Robotics was widely considered to be the best defensive robot on the field. Due to technical issues and penalties, however, our season ended in quarterfinals with our heads held high.

We also made it our goal at our event to help other teams who were less successful and privileged as us. Through our efforts to help out and cooperate with all teams at the event, we won the Gracious Professionalism Award sponsored by Johnson and Johnson.