FIRST Robotics Competition: 2014 - Aerial Assist
In the spring of 2014, the SWC Robotics Team participated in Aerial Assist in Waterloo Ontario at the University of Waterloo. Aerial Assist was FRC’s 2014 competition. It being our second year, our team gained help from mentors from outside the school.

Our team was successful in building a robot that could complete almost all the tasks that it was outlined to do in the Aerial Assist game objective. At the beginning of a match there was a 15 second autonomous mode, where drivers were not allowed to control the robot. During the round teams got points for driving forward, and scoring with the balls. After the autonomous round there was a two minute tele-operated round where drivers were able to take full control of their robots. 

As a team, our goal was to be able to shoot a 2'-diameter exercise ball into a goal 6 feet above the ground about the drivers. In later rounds during the competition we focused on passing the ball to our teammates where we would get an extra 10 points. We finished 17 our of 32 teams in the fiercest competition in Ontario, and one of the most prestigious FIRST regionals in the world.