FIRST Robotics Competition: 2013 - Ultimate Ascent
In the spring of 2013, the SWC Robotics Team participated in Ultimate Ascent. Ultimate Ascent was FRC’s 2013 competition. It being our rookie year, our team had very little outside help other than some teachers at our school. Our team was successful in building a robot that could complete the tasks that it was outlined to do in the Ultimate Ascent game objective. At the beginning of a match there is a 15 second autonomous mode, where drivers are not allowed to control the robot. All Frisbees are worth double in these 15 seconds. After the first 15 seconds there are a remaining two minutes left. The drivers control the robot and try to launch as many Frisbees into one of the 3 goals, lowest goal worth 1 point, second worth 2, and highest worth 3 points. In the last 30 seconds of the game, a buzzer goes off indicating that it is time for the robots to climb the pyramids. There were three levels per pyramid, first level worth 10 points, second worth 20, and top worth 30.

As a team, our goal was to be able to shoot a Frisbee into the highest goal, and climb to the first level of the pyramid. Knowing very little about the competition and having very little help caused some glitches at the competition once we got there. But so many teams were very kind in helping us every step of the way. During the first half of the completion we were doing very well, placing in the top 10 of 45 teams. Although by end of the competition we had dropped down to the top 2 thirds due to technical difficulties. We were still very proud of our team, and we learned a lot to take with us to the competition in the 2014 season.