We are a group of students looking to accomplish great things.
About Us
SWC Robotics is an organization within our school's institute for students who wish to pursue an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We are a very friendly environment where everyone pitches in to collaborate on a wide range of products everywhere from eye-ware that are modified to communicate with your phone to full-fledged robots designed to participate in large-scale competitions. We are also very diverse and everyone's voice has the opportunity to be heard among the group. 
Junior Team
This division of our school's robotics team deals with early recruits from grades 7-10 and works in training out new recruits in basic computer science and robotics skills.
The junior team's robots are made from NXT/EV3 Mindstorm Lego and Tetrix sets. We feature robots that are able to follow lines on the ground to wrestling robots that fight against others and much more; we've even made robotic cranes and snowmobiles with Lego! We are a very safe learning environment for all those with an interest in robotics. These junior programs give new recruits rudimentary experience in engineering, design and programming.
Before build season begins in January, we train junior members in the further complexities of robotics such as manufacturing technology, Java progamming, CAD and electrical wiring. By the time our annual challenge is revealed, junior team members are confident and eager to play a major role in building the competition robot.
Senior Team
Our Senior team is completely student run and is part of FIRST Robotics. We compete on a yearly basis with our first year being 2013. Our team consists of students from Grades 11 and 12 with the occasional experienced Grade 10.
In 2013 we attended the Greater Toronto West Regional at the Hershey's Center in Mississauga, Ontario as a rookie team.
In 2014 we attended the Waterloo Regional at the University of Waterloo.
In 2015 we attended the Greater Toronto East Regional at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario.
In 2016 we returned to the Greater Toronto East Regional.
In 2017 we attended the Victoria Park Collegiate Event in Toronto Ontario. We were able to reach the quarterfinals and went on to win the Gracious Professionalism Award.
We bring around ten students to the competition as part of the traveling team. These students are among the best our school has to offer. We have programmers, engineers, operators, public relations specialists and managers. Every aspect of building a robot is very time consuming and requires a lot of effort.
Community Involvement
SWC Robotics strives to be a leader on the electronic stage in Thunder Bay. Our team actively participates with other elementary schools from Lakehead Public Schools, namely Agnew H. Johnston and Edgewater Park Public School to show children the beauty of robotics. We also make sure to get out into the community to present our creations and to promote the advancement of technology. Be it the Thunder Bay Marina or Intercity Shopping Centre, SWC Robotics presents unique gadgets to future innovators.
Currently, SWC Robotics is the only student-run robotics organization in Thunder Bay. We continously aim to increase STEM awareness to youths across Northwestern Ontario. For example, our efforts have led to the creation of FRC Team 6339 in Sioux Lookout, and we hope to create many more teams in the region in the years to come.
Teaching FRC Team 6339 how to build a competition robot.
Showing children the power of Tetrix at Intercity Shopping Centre.